Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Make-Up Review: Dream Lumi by Maybelline in Radiant

A while back I bought some Urban Decay highlighting creme that I absolutely LOVE! But I don't love the price of $25. It's lasted me a while, but I needed to find something else that I loved just as much but didn't cost as much. I heard someone talking about the Dream Lumi a good bit on their blog, and decided to try it. At first I wasn't sold on it because it looks more like a concealer in the tube than it does a highlighter, but I was amazed with the look it gave me. 

The product itself is the consistency of a liquid foundation, but comes in a click tube like a gloss. Three clicks at the bottom normally gives me the amount of product I need to apply to my face. I applied this on my T-Zone (above the eyebrows and on the bridge of my nose), Cheek bones, under, and above my lips. When putting it on, put it on right before you apply translucent powder or your foundation or blush will cover it and it won't give the proper affect. This can be found at any drugstore or Walmart or Target and it is only $8!! 

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