Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome to Tickled Teal

Hello there. My name is Kaleigh Newby and I am a 19 year old who loves all things fashion. I am a make up artist for weddings alongside my friend Cayla. ( Here I will be giving make up reviews, steals I've found in fashion, and anything that has to do with hair, makeup, clothes, and nails. I have a passion for beauty, and not just the beauty that's found on the outside. We don't need makeup or cool clothes, but they can make us feel better or worse about ourselves. I'm not here to help you impress anyone or become something you aren't, this is to inspire you to try things that are going to make you love yourself even more. We are all beautiful, but loving ourselves and sharing the beauty that is inside of us is most important, having a pretty face is just a plus.

The reason for my blog being named "Tickled Teal" is the simple fact that I absolutely adore the color teal and wanted to incorporate it into the blog title. It is a color that has been in for a while now but I fell in love with it even before then and I will continue to love it long after because it works for me and it is a happy color.

Have you ever wanted to try make up or another product that you have seen, but you can't bring yourself to buy it? Simply send me an email at of the product and where you saw it, I will do my best to buy it and try it and let you know through this blog what I thought of it, as long as it isn't way too expensive.

Well that concludes my introduction and I hope you enjoy this blog. If there is anything you would like to see more or less of, please feel free to let me know.


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