Monday, August 13, 2012

Miley's New Do.

Okay, okay, okay. I know many of you have seen Miley's new haircut and I know that you all have your own opinions on it. And so do I. I wasn't going to share, but some of the comments have made me really upset and I just want to share my piece. Ok here's the cut. 

Ok personally I don't like it IN THIS PICTURE. But if you see another picture of it like this one... 
Or this one...

I think it's a pretty cute pixie cut. Which is exactly what Miley wanted. She even said in an interview "I have never felt more me! I love it!" And if it makes her feel good and it looks good when she fixes it, who are we to judge. We ALL have had that one cut that others didn't like, but what if we loved it?! I went through my pixie hair stage too and not many people liked it but I loved it! 
Just so you all could see I really did do it and it's not that much different than what Miley has now, I just styled it differently. 

You know what though. The problem I have is not really with the comments on her hair, it's the comments on her engagement. People all over social networks are saying "Thanks Miley! Liam will be on the market soon enough and I'll get my chance." and "Wonder how long until the engagement is off?" Number one the likely hood of you ever meeting Liam and falling madly in love are like one in a trillion. Number two if Liam truly loves Miley, a hair cut is not going to throw an engagement off. IT IS HAIR it will grow back, there are things called extensions, and it's not like she shaved her head (Sorry Britney).  

I know we will all have opinions (and that is ok!), but remember she is a woman like you and if this makes her happy, so be it. 

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